Message from the President

Message from the President

 The global economy in fiscal year 2017 continued its moderate recovery, with capital investment increasing, employment improving and personal consumption increasing in the U.S. and, Europe, and improved corporate performance as well as improved employment and income environment in Japanese economy as well.

 The electronics market which our Group focuses on performed favorably due to strong demand for semiconductors because of an increase in cloud services and increased demand due to the increased sophistication of automobiles.

  The outlook for fiscal year 2018 is very positive, with prospects for the expansion of IoT and AI, expansion of investment in next-generation communication infrastructure and data centers as well as expansion of semiconductors and electronics for higher sophistication of smart phones and automobiles in the electronics market which our Group focuses on. 

 Under these circumstances, we, Yamaichi Electronics Group, formulated the medium-term business plan (fiscal year ending March 2018 to the fiscal year ending March 2020) started from fiscal year 2017 to continue our aim to grow into a corporate group that can provide products and services to satisfy customers. In order to achieve this management goal, we will work on the plan from the perspective of cooperating globally and creating products that will connect with the future with our strategic focus on growth strategy and structural reform. Through this, we will grow into a corporate group that responds to customers’ needs, and further strengthen our financial position and management foundation for future growth.   

 Your continued support and patronage is greatly appreciated.                                                      
                                                                                                                                                                   June, 2018