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Development of next-generation high-speed interface cable “YFCS series” & the prototype ship-out start.


Yamaichi Electronics develops next-generation high-speed interface cable “YFCS series” which complies with next-generation high-speed interface V-by-One® US*2 specification established by THine Electronics Inc.*1. “YFCS series” has started prototype shipping and the full-scale mass production start plans 2018.


“YFCS series” is designed by the fusion of the high-speed transmission technology and FPC circuit processing technology which cultivated by YFLEX®*3, and it has succeeded in development the collaboration with THine Electronics Inc.
  “YFCS series” provide multi-channel high-speed transmission cable qualities which are low crosstalk noise, low transmission loss, impedance matching and flexibility.
  V-by-One® US specification has provided transmission speed 16 Gbps per channel and 8 K video transmission is required multiple-channels data transmission. "YFCS series" realizes such a high-speed parallel data transmission with high quality in one cable.
  8K video data commercial broadcasting start planned in 12/2018. And, 8K image system expected effectiveness of healthcare markets. The demand of electrical equipment for these markets is forecast to increase for Olympic year 2020. Yamaichi Electronics contribute the 8K visual development of high-definition by providing this product.
  In addition, the development of this transmission cable is not for video transmission only. Yamaichi electronic is considering expanding to Telecom and Data Center infrastructure, measurement equipment for 28 Gbps, 56 Gbps transmission unit.


Picture:【New productsNext-generation high-speed interface cable “YFCS series”


*1 Thine Electronics, Inc.

A world-leading mixed-signal LSI company in high speed interface and image processing fields.

Head office address: 9 Kanda Mitoshiro-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Yasuhiro Takada President &


V-by-One is a registered trademark of THine Electronics, Inc.


*2 V-by-One® US

A next-generation high-speed interface standard that THine Electronics established for 4K and

8K image technology. It is a standard following V by One HS, which is the de fact standard in the

4K television market.


*3 YFLEX ®

YFLEX is a registered trademark of Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd.