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IC120 series



●Sockets for QFJ 1.27mm pitch
●Highly reliable two-point contacts.
●One-touch IC insertion and ejection.
●Two types of IC mounting method. i.e. live bug and dead bug.


Insulation Resistance 1,000MΩmin. at 500V DC
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1000V AC for 1 minute
Contact Resistance (initial) 10mΩmax. at 10mA max.
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to +170℃
Housing Upper body : PPS
Lower body : PEI, glass-filled
Contacts, Plating BeCu, Gold over Nickel

Part Number (Details)

Applicable Dimensions(Reference only)


Socket Line Up

Part Number Pin Count IC Insertion Pin Layout
IC120-0204-005 20 DB A
IC120-0204-205 20 DB B
IC120-0284-008 28 DB A
IC120-0284-108 (MF) 28 LB A
IC120-0284-208 28 DB B
IC120-0284-308 28 LB B
IC120-0284-408 28 DB C
IC120-0284-508 28 LB C
IC120-0324-009 32 DB A
IC120-0324-109 32 LB A
IC120-0324-209 32 DB B
IC120-0324-309 32 LB B
IC120-0444-006 44 DB A
IC120-0444-106 44 LB A
IC120-0444-206 44 DB B
IC120-0444-306 44 LB B
IC120-0524-107 52 LB A
IC120-0524-207 52 DB B
IC120-0524-307 52 LB B
IC120-0524-507 52 LB C
IC120-0684-004 68 DB A
IC120-0684-104 68 LB A
IC120-0684-204 68 DB B
IC120-0684-304 68 LB B
IC120-0844-003 84 DB A
IC120-0844-103 (MF) 84 LB A
IC120-0844-203 84 DB B
IC120-0844-303 84 LB B

Inserting Direction of IC
DB = Dead Bug, LB = Live Bug

Note: The technical data and specifications of products are for reference only and
are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact Yamaichi representative
for further information before considering or ordering any of products.

Burn-in Sockets
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