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FPC/FFC Connectors

Series Name Series Product Lineup Pitch Number of Pins (Contacts)
CN132 Series CN132シリーズ Optical Module FPC Connector 0.6mm 8,13
HF507 Series HF507シリーズ 0.5mm pitch, Board to Cable Type Connector for LVDS / High Speed Transmission 0.5mm 1,21,31,41,51,80
HF509 Series HF509シリーズ 0.5mm pitch Side-Lock FPC Connector 0.5mm 10
HF512 Series HF512シリーズ 0.5-mm-pitch Center-lock FPC/FFC Connector 0.5mm 40,50,60,64
HF513 series HF513 シリーズ 40Gbps High speed transmission connector. Direct insertion type. 0.5mm 22,30,32,40,50
HF601 Series HF601シリーズ 0.5mm pitch Flip-Lock type FPC/FFC Connector 0.5mm 10,20,22,26,30,32,40,45,50,60
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