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HF509 Series

Product Lineup

0.5mm pitch Side-Lock FPC Connector


・Fine pitch (0.5mm) low profile (2.0mm)
・Released right-angle 10pin connector
・Characteristic impedance matching design
・Perfect mating and high drawing tension enabling by Non-ZIF side-lock mechanism
・EMI enhanced design:Shell GND
・Available in tape & reel packaging for auto mounting assembly
・Available to supply plug assembled YFLEX


FPC/FFC Connectors

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Title Requirement
Current Rating 0.3A
Voltage Rating 50V AC
Withstanding Voltage 125V AC rms, 1 min.
Insulation Resistance 500MΩMin.
Contact Resistance 50mΩMax.
Opereting Temperature -20℃ to +85℃
Insertion/Extraction Wear Life 10 cycles

Product NameList

Product Name Pitch Number of Pins (Contacts) PCB mounting method Plating Wire Termination Method Connector Types Applicable Wire Size 1 Applicable Wire Size 2 Applicable Wire Size 3 Applicable Wire Size 4 Mating Connectors 1 Mating Connectors 2 Mating Connectors 3 Mating Connectors 4 Mating Connectors 5 Corresponding Connector 1 Corresponding Connector 2 Corresponding Contact 1 Corresponding Contact 2 Other Parts Which Support Remarks
HF509S-10-03 0.5mm 10 SMT Gold plating ---- Board side connector ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- The cable side connector is a YFLEX wiring product

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