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CN120 Series QSFP25 Style B

Product Lineup

QSFP Connector and Mechanical-unit for 40Gbps and 100Gbps


 ・QSFP MSA / SFF-8665 compliant.
 ・Transmission characteristics : 25Gbps/ch  
                                                   4ch=100Gbps connector.
 ・Compatible with existing QSFP(QDR/FDR/EDR) module.
 ・Fully compatible foot pattern with existing 
    QSFP+ connector.
 ・Packing style : Tape and reel .

 ・Special press fit tool available.

CN120シリーズ    QSFP25 Style B


Optical Transceiver Connectors

Product Specifications

 Current rating  0.5A/Contact
 Voltage rating  120V AC
 Insulation resistance  1000MΩ min
 Withstanding voltage  DC300V 1min
 Contact resistance  R 10mΩ Max
 (DC500V 2min)
 Operating temperature  -55℃~+85℃
 Durability  Au0.76μm(Contact area) 250cycles
 Au0.38μm(Contact area) 50cycles

Product NameList

Product name Type Pich Number of contact Mounting style Plating Heatshink height Packing MOQ Remarks
CN120-038-0001 Connector 0.80 38 SMT Au Tape and reel 550pcs
CN120-038-0002 Connector 0.80 38 SMT Au Tape and reel 550pcs
CN120A-1102-10 Cage Press fit 13.5mm Tray 36pcs
CN120A-1102-20 Cage Press fit 6.5mm Tray 36pcs
CN120A-1102-30 Cage Press fit 4.2mm Tray 36pcs
CN121D-0001 Tool 1pc
CN121D-0003 Tool 1pc

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