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HF513 series

Product Lineup

High speed FPC/FFC connector.
Direct insertion type.


・Dimension in depth is 4.9mm and realize the smallest level
    the market.
・Guide design considering easy operation and automatic
    insertion of FPC/FFC assembly.
・Comply to 125℃ and applicable to automotive device.
・Automatic lock function which is direct mating of FPC/FFC
    then lock is designed.
・Push metal button at center of the connector to unlock then
    extraction of FPC/FFC is possible.
・High frequency wave characteristic.
      Comply with LVDS,TMDS,V-by-One HS,FPD Link.
      Realization of 10Gbps high speed data transmission by 
      impedance matching and 20Gbps high speed data
      transmission by combination with YFLEX(YFB series). 
・Serration contact and 1.6mm of mating stroke to remove 
    foreign material perfectly.
・No exposure of metal parts at bottom side of connector and
    possible to design PCB circuit pattern at bottom side of
HF513 シリーズ


FPC/FFC Connectors

Product Specifications

 Current rating   0.5A
 Voltage rating   AC/DC 50V
 Operating temperature   -40℃~+125
 Insertion/extraction force   20 times
 Applicable FPC/FFC retention force   9.8N or more

Product NameList

<Parts Number>
H F 5 1 3 - * * - * * - V E
GND : w=11 , w/o =01
No. of pins

<Number of pins>
No. of pins 20 30 34 40 50 60
       ● = On going development. = Under planning

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