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Single-sided FPC


□ Enables high-speed transmission with low loss at the rate of at least
      1 Gpbs.            
□ Incorporating a coplanar structure, thus ensuring exact impedance
□ Supple and flexible FPC.            
□ Possible to provide applications integrated with high-speed
      transmission connectors.

Basic structure


Material Thickness
1 Coverlay Polyimide 12.5 μm, 25.0 μm
2 Adhesive layer Epoxy 15.0 μm, 25.0 μm
3 Conductor layer Copper foil 12.0 μm, 18.0 μm
4 Insulating layer Liquid crystal polymer 25.0 μm, 50.0 μm


□ Components for high-speed transmission at the rate of at least 1 Gbps
□ Movable components of devices, such as car navigation systems and surveillance cameras
□ Components that require a high degree of layout freedom

Cable Applications