Flexible Printed Boards (YFLEXTM) Product Details

High-flex FPC


□ Enables high-speed transmission with low loss at the rate of at least 1
□ Flexible and excellent bend performance at high temperatures with
      high reliability.

【Flexing characteristics】

At least 10 million times at 70°C.

Evaluation conditions:
Temperature: 70°C; clearance: 10 mm (R=5); stroke: 80±1 mm, speed: 35 times/minute  

Basic structure


Material Thickness
1 Coverlay Polyimide 25 μm
2 Adhesive layer Epoxy 25 μm
3 Conductor layer Copper foil 12 μm
4 Insulating layer Liquid crystal polymer 50 μm


□ High-speed transmission part at the rate of at least 1 Gbps
□ Movable components with small bending radius and one million times of operation.
□ Components that require a high degree of layout freedom

Cable Applications