Multilayer optical thin films must separate required wavelengths of light in a high ratio. Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd., a member of the Yamaichi Electronics Group, with its original technologies and experienced engineers, produces ultra-multi-layered and high precision optical thin films and application devices.
Koshin Kogaku also focuses on introducing the latest technology and research and development and works with its customers to realize their highly customized requirements.
Furthermore, Koshin Kogaku has an integrated in-house production system in which all departments, including sales, design, procurement, and manufacturing, work together. This system has enabled the company to meet its customers’ quantity, delivery, price, and long-term maintenance needs and has earned a high reputation.

Used in the following areas:

Medical and research

Analysis of blood, viruses, pharmaceuticals, etc. Physics and biotechnology research.

Video equipment

Surveillance cameras and professional video cameras that require clear images

Production sites

Quick and accurate measurement of the appearance and three-dimensional shape of products on production lines

Representative Products

Steep Edge Filters

Steep edge filters employ a unique film formation technology to achieve the maximum number of film layers formed by vacuum deposition technology. Steep edge filters are used in pharmaceutical and material analysis equipment. They are also available for Raman spectroscopy, which requires high transmittance to detect weak optical signals and optical blocking performance to filter out unwanted laser light.

Steep Edge Filters

Bandpass Filters

Bandpass filters achieve both high transmittance and great attenuation. Bandpass filters are used in biological testing devices, such as blood and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing devices. Koshin Kogaku’s design and production technologies are highly evaluated because they enable Koshin Kogaku to make optimal proposals according to each customer’s inspection target and equipment specifications, and at the same time, meet the strict requirements for cost.

Bandpass Filters

Multi-bandpass Filters

Multi-bandpass filters are also used for PCR and other testing applications. A multi-bandpass filter is characterized by its ability to detect multiple substances and is available for multi-color fluorescence analysis. Koshin Kogaku has design technology that can handle a variety of wavelengths, making it possible to detect excitation light and fluorescence at different wavelengths.

Multi-bandpass Filters

Neutral Density (ND) Filters

ND filters are used in surveillance cameras installed outdoors and professional video cameras used indoors and outdoors. ND filters have environmental resistance to withstand outdoor use where temperature and humidity fluctuate greatly and low reflectance performance to prevent unwanted light from entering the extremely sensitive image sensors.

Neutral Density (ND) Filters

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