High-speed transmission connector

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, there is a demand for higher performance products in terms of signal transmission quality, speed, and application diversity.
In addition, there are several high-speed serial transmission standards, and technological innovations related to serial transmission are advancing at an extremely fast pace.
High-speed transmission connectors compatible with each transmission standard improve reliability, reduce unwanted radiation noise, and ensure the quality of signals transmitted.
We have a lineup of high-speed transmission connectors that support various high-speed transmission standards.

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Camera module connector

Camera module connectors are used in various applications, even for high-quality digital cameras. In the automotive market, the importance of in-vehicle cameras, which serve as the eyes of vehicles, is increasing as the evolution of safe driving support functions, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and automated driving technologies attract more attention.
The compactness of camera module connectors also makes it suitable for industrial robots and high-speed signal applications (e.g., ETC and GPS applications).

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Interface connector

Interface connectors are used to connect devices to exchange information and signals.
They can be attached to various devices, such as car navigation systems, car audio systems, and PC peripherals to provide power and input and output audio and video signal data.

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Card edge/Module connector

Card edge connectors mate directly with the edges of single or double-sided boards.
A board edge has electrodes that engage with the contacts in the connecting socket to provide an external electrical connection, and the board edge serves as male connectors. The friction between the board and the socket holds the connector in place.
Edge connectors have been used mostly in personal computers to connect expansion cards or daughter cards and the computer memory to the motherboard.
In recent years, they have been used as automotive connectors, and their applications are expanding.

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Memory card connector

A memory card connector is designed to function when a memory card or SIM card (a small IC card with a chip that records the subscriber’s information) is inserted and connected to a printed circuit board.
The push-pull design makes it easy to remove and insert the card and has a wrong insertion prevention function that prevents the card from being inserted in the wrong direction or upside down.
For small cards, such as microSD cards, the ejection volume when pulling out the cards is further increased to make it easier to take them out. At the same time, a stopper mechanism stops the cards from flying out of the body and falling.
Memory card connectors are commonly used in digital cameras, portable audio players, car navigation systems, and other data communication devices.

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FPC/FFC connector

FPC/FFC connectors connect flexible printed circuits (FPCs) and flat flexible cables (FFCs) to usual printed circuit boards.
FPCs and FFCs are also called flexible printed circuit boards or flexible printed wiring boards. They are film-like wiring boards in which electrical circuits are formed on base materials consisting of a thin, soft, insulating base film and conductive metal, such as copper foil, laminated together.
Materials such as polyimide, polyether ether ketone (PEEK), and transparent conductive polyester films are used.
FPC/FFC connectors can be used flexibly in small devices, such as cell phones, GPS, laptops, data terminals, LCD TVs, digital cameras, video cameras, and even in harsh automotive and industrial environments.

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Board-to-board connector

A board-to-board connector allows signal connections between two printed circuit boards (PCBs).
When designing a PCB, there are cases where circuits are added, and multiple boards are used, or where optional circuit parts are made into separate boards and replaced. In that case, it is necessary to connect the two boards with a connector.
In recent years, there have been more and more opportunities for direct connection between boards to reduce the size of devices.
Direct connection eliminates required connection space and reduces person-hours.

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Flat cable connector

Flat cable connectors enable flat cables (multiple thin cables bundled together in a flat shape to form a strip) to be press-fit into the connectors in a batch manner.

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Battery connector

Battery connectors can connect to button batteries and battery packs.
Various connection methods are available, including leaf-type, pogo-pin-type, and plug-in-type connections.

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Mounting socket

A mounting socket is used for mounting an IC onto a printed circuit board (CB).
The safety of the IC is ensured by attaching the socket to the PCB, making sure that there is no abnormality in the overall voltage and waveform, and finally inserting the IC.
If the IC is broken, it can be easily replaced, and if the PCB is no longer needed, the IC can be removed and reused.
The socket has an indentation for identification to avoid misdirection when installing an IC.
There are two kinds of inner contact parts for the socket: plate-spring and round-pin types.

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