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【New Product】 Released flexible heating element ”Heater FPC”.

  We have developed a flexible sheet with heating element called “Heater FPC”. This sheet generates heat by passing electricity through stainless steel or copper foil.
  Unlike general heater products, this is a “soft, pliable and very thin sheet”, so it can be used in curved parts of various products that are smaller, thinner, and denser, and in parts with thickness and height restrictions. It can be used in a wide variety of products, such as anti-fog and dew condensation prevention for lenses, coagulation prevention of liquids such as ink and blood, and adjustment for temperature and humidity.


  We will respond to the temperature distribution and shape according to the customer’s request. Please feel free to contact us.


Picture:【New Product】Flexible sheet with heating element ”Heater FPC” 

Check out the details in our website and product catalog for more information.


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