Board edge connector for automotive use. ”CN113 series” has developed.

We had developed the board edge connector for automotive use which is called “CN113 series”. This connector has reliable contact due to the structure of nut and screwing with latch.

Board edge connector for Automotive use “CN113 series”

Feature of CN113 series

  1. MXM3.1 / SMARC2.0
  2. High speed transmission : 10Gb
  3. ps (By own definition)
  4. Vibration resistance by structure of nut and screwing with latch
  5. Pitch : 0.5mm
  6. Pin counts : 314

Where to Use CN113 series

The technology for mounting images on automotive displays is growing day by day. Since the graphic chip is directly mounted on the motherboard, it is difficult to replace the graphic board due to an update or defect factor. In order to improve such problems, the Board Edge Connector “CN113 series” makes it easy to replace with a standard compliant with MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module).


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