Double type of interface connector Y-HDE”HF116 series” is lineup Supports high speed Ethernet for automotive ADAS and autonomous driving

~Trial shipment starts from October~

Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Yamaichi” HQ: Tokyo, Japan. President: Junichi Kameya) have developed double type of high speed Ethernet connector”HF116 series” for automotive ADAS and autonomous driving.Adding double type will expand option for automotive devise.

Start trial shipment from October.2022, mass production will be 2023.

High speed connector for Automotive Ethernet “HF116series”
Single, Quad and Double type from the left

Background of ”HF116 series”

 Demand of system to protect the drivers safety such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is increasing by mandatory to install the automatic braking system on new vehicles that was implemented gradually started from November 2021 in Japan. In ADAS and autonomous driving, vehicle acquire information about their surroundings and are always connected to the internet to control driving, and more information is processed inside the vehicle, realizing advanced driving control and road control. For this reason, the number of cameras, LiDAR*1, sensors, etc. installed in each vehicle is increasing, and there is a need for faster speed as well as downsizing and weight saving.

 Supporting this situation, we have developed a next-generation Ethernet connector for automotive by combining high-speed transmission and interface connector technology that we have experienced in a wide variety of connectors.

LiDAR*1: Remote sensing technology that uses light. Analyzes the distance to a long-distance target and the properties of that target by measuring the scattered light emitted from pulsed laser irradiation.


  1. Tested and produced for automotive application
  2. Data transmission up to 20Gbps 
  3. Downsizing and weight saving design
  4. Compliant to LV 214*2 / USCAR*3
  5. Codings*4 for various connection are available

LV214*2 : Standards for automotive power supply established mainly by German automotive manufacture.

USCAR*3: Standards set by the U.S. Automotive Research Council

Codings*4: Shape of the mating surface to prevent erroneous wiring. Defined in the IEC standard of the international standard

Where to use

・Ethernet communication used in ADAS and autonomous driving

・Sensor for LiDAR

・Camera for automotive

・High resolution display for drivers


Voltage Rating:100Vrms

Current Rating:1.5A DC

Operating Temperature Range:-40℃~105℃

Mating Cycles:25


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HF116 series


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