Smallest camera connector in the automotive market ”HC001 series” has developed

〜 Pigtail type and Relay direct type can be selected by standardizing the camera side connector〜


  We had developed camera connector for automotive use which is called “HC001 series”. Sockets(Camera side) are available for shared use, and the plug side can choose pigtail or relay direct type. The connector mounted on the board on the camera side achieved miniaturization and became the smallest size of the market. Scheduled release date is April 2022.

Relay direct connector for Automotive camera ”HC001 series”



Feature of HC001 series

  1. Plug side connector is able to select Pigtail or Relay direct type
  2. Achieved miniaturization (Board side connectorφ3.5 )
  3. Absorbs mating errors (Mating direction/ X,Y,θ direction : ±0.3mm)
  4. Waterproof (Only by screwing)
  5. High speed transmission (4.0 GHz)
  6. Strengthen the Grand(GND)(Both plug side and board side have GND terminals)

Common connector shape for camera unit


Board side connector (Camera module side)
Market smallest class(φ3.5)
*Photo compared with rice grains

Birth Background of HC001series

These days, the safe driving support function has been attracting attention due to the evolution of technology such as ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) and automatic driving, and the frequent occurrence of car accidents. Automotive cameras are used for various purposes such as drive recorders and sensor cameras for accident prevention. The number of cameras installed per vehicle has increased, and many people have requested miniaturization and standardization of units.
Against the above background, we have developed the market’s smallest class “HC001 series” using our technology.


Where to Use HC001 series

This product can be used in all aspects of cameras mounted on cars such as driver monitoring systems (DMS), surround views, back cameras, drive recorders, etc.
In addition, it has a transmission characteristic of 4.0 GHz, so it can be used in high-speed signal units (ETC, GPS, etc.) with a large amount of information and communication

HC001series Sales Start Date
April 2022


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