High-flexibility FPC


Capable of up to 10 million bends (R = 5 mm).

Specifications (general performance)

• Flexing characteristics of more than 10 million times at R-5.0 mm.
• Supports high-speed transmission in Gpbs or higher ranges with low loss.
• Flexible and has high reliability.

Specifications (electrical performance)

Item Conditions Test result
Resistance test per bump Normal temperature/Normal humidity 6 mΩ max.
Temperature and humidity cycle test -55°C to 125°C, 1000 cycles Resistance change rate within 10%
High-temperature retention test 85℃, 1,000 h Resistance change rate within 10%
Low-temperature retention test -40℃, 1,000 h Resistance change rate within 10%
High-temperature constant-humidity test 85℃, 90% (RH), 1,000 h Resistance change rate within 10%
Ion migration test 40℃, 90% (RH), 60 VDC, 1,000 h No abnormality
Copper foil pull-off strength test 90 peels (copper thickness: 35 μm) 0.8 kN/m min.
Soldering heat resistance test 260℃, 20 S No abnormality
Inductance (1 GHz) Bridge method 2.8
Dielectric loss tangent (1 GHz) Bridge method 0.0025
Water absorption rate 23℃, 24 h 0.04% max.
Thermal expansion coefficient Thermomechanical analysis (TMA) Vertical direction: 17 ppm
    Lateral direction: 17 ppm


R = 5.0 mm; More than 10 million times

Evaluation conditions: Clearance: 10 mm (R=5); Stroke: 80±1 mm; Speed: 35 times/min.



High-flexibility FPC You can download the product diagram and catalog data.

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