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【New Product】 “Y-HDE series” Ethernet connector compatible with high-speed data communication for automotive devices.

We have started shipping prototypes of the next-generation automotive high-speed Ethernet connector “Y-HDE series”. The “Y-HDE series” has been successfully developed by combining the high-speed transmission technology and interface connector technology cultivated with our wide variety of connectors. It supports a wide range of automotive applications and enables high-speed transmission of up to 20Gbps. In addition, this connector is compact and lightweight, and with an epoch-making design that complies with the LV214 / USCAR standard. It is possible to provide single type and quad type.


In the automotive market, ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) and system development for autonomous driving are accelerating. Therefore, the installation rate of safety sensors like Radar, LiDAR and cameras per vehicle is increasing, and high-speed transmission, miniaturization, and weight reduction are required.


We will expand the lineup of this series to support autonomous driving systems and various automotive units.Full-scale mass production is scheduled to start in 2021.



Picture : 【NEW products】Next-generation Ethernet connector「Y-HDE series」

Picture 1:Quad-type Picture


Check out the details in our website and product catalog (0.8M) for more information.
Y-HDE series


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