Opening up the Future of Data Centers



In recent years, with the spread of Generative AI, the infrastructure required for data processing is rapidly evolving. In particular, there is a growing need for “hyperscale data centers” that can process huge amounts of data at high speed.


In response to a market where data transmission speed and capacity are increasingly important, Yamaichi Electronics has developed an interface connectors for 800Gbps Ethernet compatible optical communication modules, and has begun selling it globally. This product is expected to be used in hyperscale data centers as well as traditional data centers.

Supporting the evolution of Generative AI through connectors

Currently, Generative AI technology is rapidly evolving and is being used in many aspects of daily life and business. Meanwhile, data centers are playing an even more important role. AI algorithms and big data analysis require the ability to process huge amounts of data at high speed, and improving data center performance is essential to achieving this.


Yamaichi Electronics’ 800Gbps Ethernet-compatible connector significantly increases data transmission speed and capacity in data centers, contributing to increased processing power and response speed for AI applications. It is expected to play a role in supporting the spread of Generative AI and the evolution of data center technology, and bring new value to society.


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