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“Connectors” and “FPC (YFLEX®)” *are connection parts for transmitting signals and power. They are mainly used to connect electronic device circuit boards and cables, or between circuit boards, and it is important for them to transmit high-frequency, high-speed, and stable electrical signals.


Yamaichi Electronics manufactures various types of connectors and FPCs (YFLEX®) for various purposes and provides them to customers around the world. In this column, we will explain where and how our products are used in real life.


*FPC: It is a soft substrate made of insulating materials such as polyimide resin and liquid crystal polymer resin, which are thin and highly flexible. Its major benefit is that it can be bent and twisted to change its shape, and it is used in a wide range of devices such as small electronic devices that require space saving.

YFLEX®: This is a FPC board developed by our company that uses LCP resin (liquid crystal polymer) as an insulating material.


Telecommunications Market



The main part of an information network is made up of optical fiber transmission systems.


“Metro Networks,” which cover communications within specific metropolitan areas and connect to communications networks (LANs) and data centers within homes and companies, and “Core Networks,” which transmit information over wide areas between cities, countries, and continents, are both connected by optical fiber.


We primarily develop optical transmission devices, long-distance capable optical transceivers, connectors, and FPCs (YFLEX®) used in Data Centers and Base Stations. These connectors, which connect a variety of devices, contribute to creating a stable communications environment.


Base Station

A Base Station is a device for sending and receiving wireless signals. When a user uses a smartphone or other device for data communication or voice calls, the signal is relayed through a Base Station.When a user moves between different Base Stations, the switching between Base Stations is managed to ensure that the current communication service is not interrupted.Our connectors serve as a gateway for data exchange from Base Stations to Metro Networks.


Data Center

As generative AI becomes more widespread and the infrastructure required for data processing evolves, Data Centers are attracting more attention. A Data Center is a facility that houses a large number of servers and various network devices that process and store data from websites, apps, cloud services, etc. We have developed connectors compatible with 800 Gbps Ethernet, contributing to improving data transmission speeds and capacity in Data Centers.

Automotive Market



Our connectors and FPCs (YFLEX®) are designed to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures and vibrations when installed in vehicles.

We are developing products focusing on 4 key segments.


Digital Cockpit

Digital Cockpit, which equips vehicles with digital displays and touchscreens on the dashboard to provide drivers with necessary information and functions. It can display a wider variety of information more flexibly than conventional analog cockpits, and is expected to improve driving safety and convenience.


Infotainment System

Infotainment System, which offers information and entertainment to drivers and passengers. This refers to functions such as navigation, communication, and music.


ADAS Sensing

ADAS Sensing is the system which monitors the surroundings of the vehicle to help prevent accidents and reduce the burden on drivers. It provides functions such as collision avoidance with pedestrians, lane keeping, and parking assistance.


Powertrain for EV

In response to the growing demand for EVs in the market, we are working on developing products that are compatible with EV vehicles.

Industrial Equipment Market



Our connectors and FPC (YFLEX®) are primarily used in precision machinery, such as machine tools and industrial robots.

We will explain some of the products used in industrial equipment.


Machine tools

Our connectors and FPC (YFLEX®) are used for internal and external connections of these machinery.


  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Devices

This is a system in which a computer controls Machine Tools based on pre-programmed instructions. It is used in automobile manufacturing, the aerospace industry, metal processing, and other industries, and can perform precision machining and the creation of complex shapes.


  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Devices

This system is used to control machine operations and production lines, receive and process input signals from sensors, etc. In addition to being used in manufacturing equipment for automobiles and semiconductors, it is also used in a variety of situations where efficient machine control is required, such as elevators and automatic doors.


  • Motor and Servo Amplifiers

A “Motor” is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical movement, and a “Servo Amplifier” is a device that controls the speed and position of a motor. Both play an important role as the foundation of automation and control technology.


Industrial Robot

Industrial Robots automate manufacturing processes such as assembly, welding, painting, and inspection, improving production efficiency. Our connectors and FPCs (YFLEX®) are used in the moving parts of robot arms and robot control systems.

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